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The Zachary O'Neill Memorial

Cadet Scholarship

Allegheny County Police Academy

Zachary O'Neill Memorial Cadet Scholarship

(Full Scholarship)

Organization:  Allegheny County Police Academy

Status:  Inactive


We have partnered with the Allegheny County Police Academy in order to provide a Full Academic scholarship to a cadet enrolled for training at the academy each year.


Unfortunately there are no financial aid programs available to cadets attending the academy.  This Full Scholarship being given in Zachary's memory will enable a cadet, who shares Zach's passion for law enforcement as well as serving and protecting their community, to receive the high level of training the academy provides.


Zach deeply valued his time spent training at the academy and the friendships he built with his fellow cadets. The foundation is proud to be partnered with the academy and be able to provide an annual scholarship in his memory in order to support individuals that share Zach's passion and dedication.


For more information about the Allegheny County Police Academy and their training program, please visit their website at:

Scholarship Recipients

January 2020 - Scott Orndoff  |  Full Tuition Award: $5,000


Coming Soon

July 2019 - Dylan Kobert  |  Full Tuition Award: $5,000


January 2019 - Tyler Ray  |  Full Tuition Award: $5,000


July 2018 - Chase Ticjak  |  Full Tuition Award: $5,000

Tuition to attend Allegheny County Police Academy was raised to $5,000 beginning January 2018

Chase Ticjak.jpeg
Chase + Family.jpeg

July 2017 - Patrick Martin  |  Full Tuition Award: $4,045


July 2016 - Alexis Eichelsbacher  |  Full Tuition Award: $4,045

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